FCW of the Day!!

Hay House Publishing has been hosting Mover & Shakers workshops for the past few months… these workshops are attracting a lot of FCW!!

Here is one of them!

Introducing Vibrant Body By Penotti

Berrnadette Penotti’s passion is igniting people to feel good in their bodies and in their lives through the avenues of health, nutrition, and fitness, as well as getting in touch with their life purpose. She works with celebrities, entrepreneurs, and clients from all walks of life as a health and fitness mentor, a holistic lifestyle coach and master intuitive numerologist. “It’s through the body that I help people,” she says. “Once you have the energy, freedom, and peace of mind that come with radiant health in your body and life, you can take a deeper look at what you’re here to do. That’s where one of my favorite life-strategy tools – numerology – comes in.” In the dance of numbers revealed by clients’ birth date and name, Berrnadette sees their blueprint: “I have found I can counsel people better, even on their health and fitness goals, in the context of their path, their gifts, their tendencies.”

Here is simple recipes to get you started. Subscribe to her newsletter for more insider tips and secrets like these. Enjoy! http://berrnadettepenotti.com/tips/recipes
“The Gingered Pear” Smoothie (This is one of her Faves!)

1 or 2 ripe pears (depending on how sweet you like it 🙂

1/2 lemon (seeds and rind removed)

1 inch nub of ginger

BIG handful of kale, chard or spinach (stems removed)

Blend all and enjoy. This is SO refreshing, spicy-sweet and yummy..give it a try!