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Sexually Empowered Life

As most FCW know and agree —
Women need a safe space in which to heal, explore, examine and learn about
their sexuality. In this unique six month program, women will be able to do the
deep work on their sexual selves that can empower and affect every aspect of
their being and of their lives.

Which is why its great to know that Amy Jo Goddard is sharing her gifts with this great workshop …

The Sexually Empowered Life
A 6-month sexuality program for women

This program will take place over six weekends between January and
June 2012, in New York City. (Specific dates available here.) The Sexually
Empowered Life involves a combination of deep work on the sexual self
through discussion, coaching and self-exploration; examination of our
sexual history and patterns; education about sexuality and the sexual
body; and ritual, experiential learning and group support. It is a rare
opportunity to dive deeply into the study and development of our own sexual
selves: as we step out of cultural limitations for relationships, identity, and
gender, we can examine and explore how sexual norms and sexual shame have
affected or inhibited our sexuality, challenge and confront what is no longer
serving us, and move into a place of full-embodiment of sexual power, desire
and healthy vulnerability. Women of all sexual orientations and backgrounds are

Sexual empowerment coach, Amy Jo Goddard, M.A., facilitates this program
with a progressively feminist approach that creates an environment where
women can fully step into their sexual power and own the parts of themselves
they have forsaken or disconnected from, while being supported by other
women. Amy Jo has been a sexuality educator for over 15 years and is a
published author. Having worked in various women’s and queer communities as
an activist, performance artist and advocate, she maintains a deep commitment
to empowering women and girls. Read more about Amy Jo’s transformational
work at www.AmyJoGoddard.com.

A short write up about the free class:

9 Steps to a Sexually Empowered Life
A free workshop for women
Wednesday, December 7, 7-9 pm, NYC
In this workshop, learn about the 9 steps that will help you come home to your
authentic sexual self and express your sexuality with integrity and joy. Hear
about an amazing opportunity to grow your sexual self in a totally unique and
meaningful way.
To sign up and for more info:


About the free teleclass:

9 Steps to a Sexually Empowered Life
A free teleclass
Saturday, Decemeber 3, 11 am-noon
In this workshop, learn about the 9 steps that will help you come home to your
authentic sexual self and express your sexuality with integrity and joy. This
teleclass is also an opportunity for you to learn about Amy Jo’s newly reformatted
program for women, The Sexually Empowered Life, and to ask her any questions
you might have about this 6-month long unique course so you can become the
full sexually empowered woman you are meant to be.

To sign up and for more info:

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Mary Ann Halpin – Inspiring FCW …

Here’s a REPOST from this amazing website called INSPIRE ME TODAY – you can get daily emails if you want!

TODAY’s inspiring person was Mary Ann Halpin and she quotes

As the Dalai Lama proclaimed, “The world will be saved by the western women.”

OH MY — I read this to mean that the Dalai Lama was speaking about Fucking Cool Women! This means YOU! … so whenever you have a moment of doubt about how important it is for you to share your coolness remember there are lots of inspiring fcw (&fcm!) out there to inspire you!


I embrace my sword of courage, and move beyond my fear… to help myself… to help the whole world. ~ Mary Ann Halpin

If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I’d want to pass along to others…

My goal has always been to live in the moment, as that is all we have. It’s a fearless way to live and drink of the delicious nectar of this beautiful planet. This is the most amazing time of our history to be living on this planet, especially as a woman. These are fearful times and we have the opportunity to move through our fear and embrace our sword of courage to achieve our dreams to help ourselves and help the whole world.

As the Dalai Lama proclaimed, “The world will be saved by the western women.” My message to the women of our global community is to help our planet heal. Find your Fearless Women Tribe and listen to your personal call to action. You may not know what that call may be. Don’t wait. Take the first step and you will find your mission if it isn’t clear right now. Don’t worry, you have a tribe to support you, nurture you and mentor you forward. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Say “yes” to adventure! Say “yes” to opportunity. Say “yes” to your own awakening.

The world has ended, as we know it. To survive and thrive in this energy, it is most important to live in a grateful heart. Cut the cranky and negative attitude and leap to the other side of that lumbering blob called fear walking down the street towards you. Don’t let it overcome you, just step aside and let it pass. Take a deep breath and connect back into your heart center. Exhale… yes that’s much better!

My fearless wisdom to humanity is to be a gentle human being. Feel the “beingness” of your humanity. Connect with nature, hug a tree, hang with children, watch snails, take a nap, laugh out loud, walk barefoot in the woods, cry for no reason and let your tears fall on Mother Earth, give a stranger flowers, let someone cut in front of you, hold the door for as many people as possible, say I love you to all your friends and family every time you see them, dance spontaneously with wild abandonment, hold someone’s hand, look in the mirror and say I love you, to you, give away money, write a poem, wear an outrageous hat, be silly, eat sumptuous chocolate, bless the food you eat, allow yourself to be out of balance, surrender to what is, tell someone they are beautiful, tell someone they are inspiring, surround yourself with beauty, be in peace, be the change, be the music… Be.

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FCW in Savannah

As many of you who read this blog – know I founded (along with Courtney Mclean) the FCW Society because I wanted to offer women opportunities to meet other FCWs…I am so grateful that I just keep meeting more and more cool women!! I always say that it is so important to find offline spiritual communities to support your spiritual journey … and when you allow yourself to be guided to meeting cool people — well… you do!

Here are three women I’ve recently been getting to know both personally and PROFESSIONALLY! They too believe in this Evolutionary Transformational Shift that so many people are talking about (AND FEELING) … and THESE 3 WOMEN are also SHARING their MAGIC PASSION LOVE to others! YEAH!!

The most recent women I met is Dacey Craig! She actually found me on Twitter (@coachdaceycraig, @trickydame). I love it when people I don’t know follows me (hint hint!) and this time I was pleasantly surprised to find this twitter’ was a “Savannah based Personal Development Life Coach serving clients all over the US and Canada. Live the life that is equal to your amazing potential! ” I emailed her and we decided to take the action step to meet up for coffee. I like that about people who are willing to take the action to make things happen — you need to think the thoughts, you need to feel the emotions, and YOU NEED TO MOVE!! I’m learning this a lot right now because I am starting to network a little more here in Savannah. Its very different here and I’m being patient with myself. Sometimes there is a part of me that tries to get down on myself because of what “I haven’t done” and then the other part of me — my SPIRIT PART reminds me that it takes about a year to settle in to a new place and to remember Joanne that you lived on the same corner in the East Village for over 15 years! You are allowed a little time to de-compress — and this time is not wasted instead it is time for regenerating!!
I am excited to meet up with Dacey again and see what kind of positive energy workshops we might be able to co-create together — stay tuned!! Here is her website: http://www.hotpotential.blogspot.com/ gotta love anyone who enjoys using the word HOT in the South!!

A few hours later, I met up with Lynn Geddes for pizza and a good ol’ fashion Goddess Spirituality Chat! Earlier I had taken one of Lynn’s afternoon yoga classes. I love how I keep meeting more and more people who teach yoga as yoga is something that I haven’t 100% really gotten into. I know its a PRACTICE and in order for you to get good at something … you have to PRACTICE!! However, there is still something for intimidating about going into a yoga class with all of the people in their “yoga clothes” and balancing on their toes, and knees and heads and then me in my paint splatter shorts unable to really even touch my toes with out bending my knees. HOWEVER, yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone and took one of Lynn’s classes at her studio ” YOGA ME FIT” . The theme for the day was “Recognizing the good you are” and it made me feel ok with doing what I could do! I also look forward to getting to work with Lynn — as we are always presented with the teachers we can learn from!! Lynn’s Mission Statement:
To honor the goodness and reveal the beauty of all beings so they may shine bright from the inside out!

Then there is Ellen Farrell … Holistic Therapy, Life Coach, Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Licensed Counselor, Intuitive, Reiki Master… Grid & Chakra/Core Star healing, Regression, EMDR/Trauma Release. Balance, body, mind & spirit and POET! ( I thought I had a lot of titles!!) Someone told me about her so I found her online and viola – a new friendship!! I have been doing some work to release some past life trauma/drama (lots of good stuff!!) and reached out to Ellen who gave me some wonderful advice. I believe it is so important to work with energy workers when you are committed to living a spirit-guided life – when you want to feel good being YOU 24/7! This is why I offer ‘re-energizing sessions” – sometimes you just need a little “ZIP ZAP to your source energy” to get back in the flow!

As we continue to feel the after effects of the on-going shifting — its really great to know that there are women like, Dacey, Lynn and Ellen to offer assistance! If you are in the Savannah area – contact them! Like myself, Dacey & Ellen also do over our services over the phone/skype.

I’m going to end this post with a poem by Ellen… enjoy!

(prayer for peace)

In the stillness of your soul
may you see with clarity
Calm the mind,
like a cool blue mountain pool.

Leave the traffic and electric lights
hear the rustling of leaves
in the soundings of the forest.
Leave the obligations,
and problems to be solved,
feel the warm sun
as it filters through the trees,
and the breeze
as it gently caresses.
Calm the mind.
For only in the stillness of your soul
can you hear the wisdom
that brings clarity,
and peace.

– Ellen Farrell

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Cheryl B – a FCW TRIBUTE!

When I moved to NYC in the early 90s, I was fortunate enough to meet some fucking cool women within the first year I was living there. One of those women was Cheryl B.

Those first few years living in the city that I spent my entire life dreaming about can sometimes be a blur – I was in my early 30s, living in the East Village, calling myself ‘queer’, hanging out with girl rock bands, watching underground performances in smelly basements, holiday parties in my 11th St apt and being inspired to live my life as an artist!!

As the years past and as we got older and started to evolve/transform our lives as humans do, I have always been grateful to have stayed in touch with Cheryl. She attended many of the early FCW Society brunches and I believe if my memory is correct, came to the last one I had in NYC before I left last spring.

Cheryl’s writing was smart, edgy, honest and feminist – all of the attributes of a fucking cool women. As I looked at her website today, I am so impressed with the body of work she gave to the world. Ranging from solo performances, published author and producers of some pretty amazing shows including PVC: The Poetry vs. Comedy Variety Show. I’m not always a fan of seeing live poetry readings or stand up comedy – but Cheryl with Carolyn Castiglia was ONE of the BEST LIVE PERFORMANCES that the Bowery Poetry Club has ever had. (in my opinion!!)

Cheryl died this morning from cancer, she is actually the first women I’ve known personally to die from this disease. Which I find pretty strange since there are so many women who have cancer in our country. One reason I believe I don’t know so many is because I’ve always surrounded myself with fucking cool women — and I read something once that women who have strong relationships with other women tend to have healthier bodies.

Why does someone who is so amazing as Cheryl who was surrounded by so many amazing women (& MEN!!) get this kind of disease?! As humans we want to know the answers — as a spiritual being we know that this is part of our journey … Cheryl’s spirit in human form has been such a great gift to so many of humans. I’m sure her girlfriend, Kelli can truly agree with this as well as be mourning the loss of her “fucking cool girlfriend” — my love goes to you right now! You were such an amazing support system for Cheryl and her spirit thanks you!!

And for the spirit energy that once filled the human body of Cheryl Burke — this energy source is now part of the angelic realm helping all of us with this transformation of our consciousness!

Thank you for being a fucking cool woman !!

Magic Passion Love & Cheryl B!

From Cheryl’s blog

It’s National Poetry Month and I’ve decided to take up the 30 poems in 30 days challenge.

Here’s my first shot:


Outside, the couple fights in the parking lot again
The man holds the woman by the arm, then by the hair
Adults walk by and do nothing
I watch from the kitchen window, a live horror show on a gray day and wonder who I will be when I am her age

We don’t get involved, my parents tell me in the middle of their own indoor screaming
Close the curtain, my father says
It’s time to eat, my mother adds
An egg breaks on the floor
The yolk slides off my mother’s sponge and falls once more
We all laugh, a break in tension, before they start in again

Here’s a flier my sister sent me – “oh, those were the days!!”


FCW June Brunch on Tybee Island!!!

If you have ever been to a FCW Society brunch, then you will understand why I’m posting my sincere gratitude for all of the FCW out there who gather with one another as FCW Society members… I’m always amazed on meeting MORE fcw each time!! Tonight was no exception – first at the Dragonfly, 5 women showed up and then later watching the sunset with another group of FCW — I was reminded once again why I honor & celebrate how fucking cool women are!! and that I am one and so are you — let’s honor & celebrate ourselves – the world needs our powerful energy on its side!

Here’s a video!!


FSW for FCW!

Eryka Peskin is a Financial Social Worker. She helps people uncover their money genius and identify strategies so they can get to a place of confidence to take the next best step(s) for themselves and their finances. If you are ready to take your life, your finances, and your world to the next level, go to www.financialsocialworker.webs.com.

Here’s her latest Newsletter — GREAT INFO!

Are you maximizing your biggest asset? Do you know what your biggest asset is?

Let me tell you something about myself. I am a world-class procrastinator. If there was an Olympic medal for procrastinating, I’d have won a gold medal. Several, actually!

What makes me feel slightly better about this is that I don’t seem to be the only one. Practically every coaching email I’ve gotten since 2011 began (and I’m on lots and lots of mailing lists) has been about procrastination. (At least I think so. I’ve been procrastinating about reading them, but “procrastinate” is often in the subject line. J)

People procrastinate for lots of reasons. The reasons that have come up most often in my financial social work and financial planning practices are:

* paralyzed perfectionism: people don’t want to do something wrong, so they end up not doing anything at all
* unpleasantness avoidance: you think that whatever needs to be done is unpleasurable, and who wants to do what’s unpleasurable? So you don’t do it/deal with it/think about it.

Aside from how procrastination might not serve you in other parts of your life, with money (and I have oodles of stories attesting to this), I can tell you that:

When dealing with your money, procrastinating is one of the most effective ways of guaranteeing that you will NOT be financially independent.

Let me say that in another way: if you procrastinate in dealing with your money, you DIRECTLY impact your ability to be financially independent.

Sorry for the tough love, but, alas, my friends, it’s true.

And now let me say it in a more positive and empowering way: if you act proactively when dealing with your money, you are on the path to achieving financial independence.


Okay, now I’m going to go into some “money talk.” Don’t give in to the urge to skip it…this could transform your life. It changed mine.

What’s your biggest asset?
For years, we’ve been told that the best and biggest asset is to own a home. Au contraire, my friends. Unless you own your home outright (no mortgage) OR your home brings in enough income (rental income, etc) to cover the costs of mortgage and repairs, your home is not an asset. It is actually a liability.

This may be hard for some of you to read, particularly since US culture has pretty much pounded into our heads that owning a home = asset = the American Dream. Sorry.


I am SO pleased to tell you that you DO have assets. One of your main assets is your time horizon.

What’s my time horizon, you ask? Well, your time horizon, quite simply, is the amount of time you have left in your life. Obviously we don’t know how long we’ll be here, and once a second has passed, you can’t get it back.

How could that possibly be an asset? Because what’s under your control is how (or if) you maximize the time you have left.

Procrastinating is a sure-fire way to ensure that you squander one of your most powerful assets.

When it comes to growing your money, time can be your ally…and it can also be your enemy. You want to make your time work for you, not against you. And you want to make it work for you in the most efficient way possible.

Here’s how: Have you ever heard of something called “The Rule of 72”?

The Rule of 72 is a handy tool that tells you roughly how long it’ll take your money to double at a certain interest rate.

Uh oh, word alert! Okay, what’s interest? Interest is, simply, the rate at which your money grows. If you have $100 and get 4% interest, you’ll have $104. If you get 6%, $106, and so on. (There are different kinds of interest. For these purposes, we’re talking about compound interest, where your interest earns interest.)

So to figure out roughly how long it’ll take your money to double, you take 72 and divide it by the interest rate, and that’s about how long. So, 72 divided by 4% = 18 years. Yup, your money will double every 18 years (ish).

If you get a higher interest rate, say 8% (which is less than the stock market has averaged over the last 15 years), your money will double every 9 years.

Let’s illustrate this. Say you’re 30 and start off with $5000. If you get 4% every year, at 48 years old, you’ll have $10,000. 18 years later, you’ll be 66 and you’ll have $20,000.

Better than nothing, right? True, but inflation is at 4%, so you’re basically staying even.

And another word alert! What’s inflation? Inflation is basically an increase in prices. Another way to think of it: with inflation, everything gets more valuable except money.

Now, let’s get you a better interest rate and say you’re earning 8%. Same scenario. You’re 30 and start off with $5000. But now, your money is doubling every 9 years, instead of 18. So when you’re $39, you’ve got $10,000, and when you’re 48 you’ve got $20,000, and so on, so that when you’re 66, you have $80,000.

$80,000 is more than $20,000, right? Which would you rather retire on? Um, neither. Neither is sufficient, but $80K is way better than $20K, right?

Now, how does this work if you keep your money under the mattress, earning 0%? What’s 72 x 0? Exactly zero, honey. Your money will NEVER grow. And keeping your money in a savings account earning .50% is better than nothing…barely…but at that rate it’ll take your money 144 years to double. (Not a typo!) So while yes, you need some liquid to take care of daily living and emergencies, that should not be where the bulk of your money lives.

I could go on and on about this, because I think it’s awesome. The main point I want you to take away from this is that the Rule of 72 helps you see that if you procrastinate, you turn one of your biggest allies into a…not ally.

The longer you wait, the less time you give your money to double. The less time you give your money to double, the less it’ll grow. And the less likely it is you’ll be financially independent.

Time is one thing you can’t buy more of…and we don’t know how much is left to us. So maximize your time horizon by acting.

If you don’t see the power of this, then I didn’t explain it clearly and we need to meet. I have many charts and graphs to help make it clearer. Or, if you do see the power but don’t know what to do next, then we still need to meet.

In case you couldn’t tell, I get really excited by all this. And I get excited about helping you figure out and overcome just why you’re procrastinating when it comes to dealing with your money. Are you a paralyzed perfectionist? You don’t want to do it “wrong”, so you do nothing at all? Or do you find this so thoroughly unpleasant to deal with your $$ that you’d rather not deal with it at all?

I can help you with both. I can help you maximize one of your greatest assets: your time horizon. And I want to tell you about your other assets, too—you have them!

Explore your procrastinate-y-ness:

* Take 10 minutes and journal about “procrastination.”
* If you’re a procrastinator extraordinaire, figure out what kind and why. Are you a paralyzed perfectionist or do you avoid discomfort? How has this served you in the past? Is it still serving you or would you like to learn differen strategies to meet your needs for perfection and/or pleasure?
* Have you set goals in the past but not met them? How does it feel when you meet a goal? And how do you feel about yourself when you don’t?
* Your resistance is beautiful because it can teach you something soooo important about yourself. The trick is to see through the resistance to the other side, because often, what you’re most resistant to is EXACTLY what would catapult you to the next level.

photo by Patricia Geremia

* http://www.ruby-kate.com

Blog post

Sisters on the Fly are FCW!!

It was so awesome to meet so many FCW on Saturday, April 9 at Rivers End Campground in Tybee Island, GA. There were about 100 women traveling together as SISTERS ON THE FLY.

This is a group of women who enjoy vintage trailers, fishing, camping, open roads and THEIR WOMEN FRIENDSHIPS! Very FCW Society of them… so you know what that means, yep … we’ve just added another group of women to the FCW Society! To hear the women talk about the women they love & admire felt like I was at a FCW Society brunch.

Here’s another video I found on YOUTUBE about the Sisters on the Fly —

and a few pics!!