Women’s Equality!!

Women’s Equality Day is a day proclaimed each year by the United States President to commemorate the granting of the vote to women throughout the country on an equal basis with men.

Women in the United States were granted the right to vote on August 26, 1920, when the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution was certified. The amendment was first introduced many years earlier in 1878. Every president has published a proclamation for Women’s Equality Day since 1971 when legislation was first introduced in Congress by Bella Abzug.     This resolution was passed designating August 26 of each year as Women’s Equality Day

The right for women to vote was first proposed in 1848, but did not become law until 1920, 72 years later.  This is one reason its so important to VOTE … for all of the women who fought for the right for women to vote.   AND THEY DID FIGHT!   They were beaten and often jailed… but they didn’t give up!   WE shouldn’t either!

I recently attended the We are Women Rally in Washington DC on August 18.   If you’ve never been to a feminist rally – I highly recommend that you go the next time!!   A lot of my friends mentioned that they don’t like large crowds … and I understand how they feel, especially when the crowds are part of protest.  I’ve been to large events that are showing solidarity against war and yes, these crowds are sometimes a little intimidating.    The difference between rallies that are against something VS rallies that are FOR something is …. the ENERGY!    I was completely inspired by all of the WOMEN, MEN and CHILDREN that attended!

There is a lot of great people out there doing great things … and we need to remember to ENCOURAGE & SUPPORT one another!    Here are a few pics that I took at the rally — be sure to check out the We are Women website for more info — we have to stay connected to encourage everyone to VOTE for the politicians that support WOMEN and EQUAL RIGHTS !

See more pictures here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/trickydame/sets/72157631179179002/


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