As many of you who read this blog – know I founded (along with Courtney Mclean) the FCW Society because I wanted to offer women opportunities to meet other FCWs…I am so grateful that I just keep meeting more and more cool women!! I always say that it is so important to find offline spiritual communities to support your spiritual journey … and when you allow yourself to be guided to meeting cool people — well… you do!

Here are three women I’ve recently been getting to know both personally and PROFESSIONALLY! They too believe in this Evolutionary Transformational Shift that so many people are talking about (AND FEELING) … and THESE 3 WOMEN are also SHARING their MAGIC PASSION LOVE to others! YEAH!!

The most recent women I met is Dacey Craig! She actually found me on Twitter (@coachdaceycraig, @trickydame). I love it when people I don’t know follows me (hint hint!) and this time I was pleasantly surprised to find this twitter’ was a “Savannah based Personal Development Life Coach serving clients all over the US and Canada. Live the life that is equal to your amazing potential! ” I emailed her and we decided to take the action step to meet up for coffee. I like that about people who are willing to take the action to make things happen — you need to think the thoughts, you need to feel the emotions, and YOU NEED TO MOVE!! I’m learning this a lot right now because I am starting to network a little more here in Savannah. Its very different here and I’m being patient with myself. Sometimes there is a part of me that tries to get down on myself because of what “I haven’t done” and then the other part of me — my SPIRIT PART reminds me that it takes about a year to settle in to a new place and to remember Joanne that you lived on the same corner in the East Village for over 15 years! You are allowed a little time to de-compress — and this time is not wasted instead it is time for regenerating!!
I am excited to meet up with Dacey again and see what kind of positive energy workshops we might be able to co-create together — stay tuned!! Here is her website: gotta love anyone who enjoys using the word HOT in the South!!

A few hours later, I met up with Lynn Geddes for pizza and a good ol’ fashion Goddess Spirituality Chat! Earlier I had taken one of Lynn’s afternoon yoga classes. I love how I keep meeting more and more people who teach yoga as yoga is something that I haven’t 100% really gotten into. I know its a PRACTICE and in order for you to get good at something … you have to PRACTICE!! However, there is still something for intimidating about going into a yoga class with all of the people in their “yoga clothes” and balancing on their toes, and knees and heads and then me in my paint splatter shorts unable to really even touch my toes with out bending my knees. HOWEVER, yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone and took one of Lynn’s classes at her studio ” YOGA ME FIT” . The theme for the day was “Recognizing the good you are” and it made me feel ok with doing what I could do! I also look forward to getting to work with Lynn — as we are always presented with the teachers we can learn from!! Lynn’s Mission Statement:
To honor the goodness and reveal the beauty of all beings so they may shine bright from the inside out!

Then there is Ellen Farrell … Holistic Therapy, Life Coach, Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Licensed Counselor, Intuitive, Reiki Master… Grid & Chakra/Core Star healing, Regression, EMDR/Trauma Release. Balance, body, mind & spirit and POET! ( I thought I had a lot of titles!!) Someone told me about her so I found her online and viola – a new friendship!! I have been doing some work to release some past life trauma/drama (lots of good stuff!!) and reached out to Ellen who gave me some wonderful advice. I believe it is so important to work with energy workers when you are committed to living a spirit-guided life – when you want to feel good being YOU 24/7! This is why I offer ‘re-energizing sessions” – sometimes you just need a little “ZIP ZAP to your source energy” to get back in the flow!

As we continue to feel the after effects of the on-going shifting — its really great to know that there are women like, Dacey, Lynn and Ellen to offer assistance! If you are in the Savannah area – contact them! Like myself, Dacey & Ellen also do over our services over the phone/skype.

I’m going to end this post with a poem by Ellen… enjoy!

(prayer for peace)

In the stillness of your soul
may you see with clarity
Calm the mind,
like a cool blue mountain pool.

Leave the traffic and electric lights
hear the rustling of leaves
in the soundings of the forest.
Leave the obligations,
and problems to be solved,
feel the warm sun
as it filters through the trees,
and the breeze
as it gently caresses.
Calm the mind.
For only in the stillness of your soul
can you hear the wisdom
that brings clarity,
and peace.

– Ellen Farrell


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