At the One Year Anniversary of the FCW Society – Julie Staub was invited and she’s been inspiring us ever since! After living in NYC for a few years, she’s returned to her home state IOWA! There her photography career is thriving and she’s still coming back to NYC to exhibit her work!

You can find Julie on line at:

Her work is on exhibit at
Coralville Library

More about the Photographer:
Julie’s professional photography career started in New York City, where she candidly documented families and children in their everyday settings. Taking an insider approach, Julie observes a scene and those in it and illustrates with her lens what is unfolding in front of her as it happens. She is adamant about capturing her subjects in their natural surrounding doing their everyday thing. She exclusively shoots on location.

I tap into my intuition and allow my creative vision to guide me in each and every shoot. My experience with people and children allows my subjects to feel relaxed and at ease. My approach is artistic, innovative and most importantly, FUN! My documentation style creates a unique and personalized perspective producing a candid image that embraces honesty and authenticity.
…Julie Staub


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